Download Retrospective Discharge

The retrospective simulation is gives daily average river discharge on all 7 million rivers covered by GEOGloWS V2. You can download the entire retrospective simulation in netCDF format. The data are stored in netCDF format in chunks divided by VPU (see Finding River Numbers) and by 5 year periods. Data cover the period from 1940 to near real time. This data is available through an AWS S3 storage bucket. Please visit Available Data for details on accessing this data via web page and command line.

For those already familiar with S3 storage, the CLI command for downloading this data follows this pattern

aws s3 cp s3://geoglows-v2/retrospective/<vpu-number-here> </local/save/path> --recursive --no-sign-request

Follow along with a tutorial notebook here:

Refer to instructions from AWS on accessing data in S3 storage