Datasets Quick Reference

GEOGloWS V2 Datasets

GEOGloWS daily river forecasts are calculated at the ECMWF Supercomputing facility in Bologna, Italy. The forecasts are archived there as well as on AWS in S3, available upon request. In addition, The forecast data are available through a data service.

All other GEOGloWS V2 datasets, except for the daily forecasts, are available online for free and on demand courtesy of a sponsorship by the AWS Open Data Program. You do not need an AWS account or credit card to use this AWS service or download the data. You can browse all available data at

GEOGloWS V2 data is part of the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program. You can view our listing in the registry of open data and in the AWS Data Exchange.

If you prefer to use the command line interface to access the S3 resources, you may need to use the --no-sign-request flag on your download commands. Using the CLI will download data faster than the through the browser and is recommended for downloading large amounts of data. Please refer to the AWS instructions for downloading data from S3.