Download Discharge Discharge

Stop: Most users and applications do not need this tutorial

Both the forecast and retrospective river discharge simulations are available for bulk downloads. However, this is not the most efficient method for many use cases. Downloading this data is free and you are welcome to do so, but we encourage you to first review the tutorials for Query Forecast Data and Query Retrospective Data before proceeding. Many use cases are satisfied by accessing data on-demand from web services.

The best way to access this data is via the AWS Command Line tools. You will be able to download multiple datasets simultaneously and at higher speeds than is possible via the web browser. Please visit the AWS tutorials for instructions

You may download GEOGLOWS datasets using a web browser. Links to browse these datasets are given in Available Data page.

Forecast Data Download Instructions

New 15 day forecasts are produced each day and made available immediately via a web data service ( as well as on an AWS S3 bucket. The CLI command pattern for downloading forecast datasets is:

Retrospective Data Download Instructions

The retrospective simulation datasets are organized by computational groups (VPUs). Please review the tutorial on Finding River Numbers for help identifying streams and VPU numbers. The CLI command pattern to use for downloading this data is:

aws s3 cp s3://geoglows-v2-retrospective/retrospective/<vpu-number-here> </local/save/path> --recursive --no-sign-request

Follow along with a tutorial notebook here: