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The GEOGLOWS model provides forecast and retrospective simulations of river discharge. The retrospective simulation is derived from the ERA5 Runoff data and the daily forecasts use Integrated Forecast System (IFS) 48r1 data. You can access this data in 2 ways; through a web data service for small requests and from an AWS storage bucket (S3) for larger requests. More information about the metadata of bulk downloads can be found on the "Discharge Timeseries" page.

Good Use Cases for the Web Service

Good Use Cases for Downloads and AWS Data

About the Web Data Service (REST API)

River discharge data are available through a web data service (REST API). The data service is suitable for a few requests for data but is not intended for bulk downloads of hundreds or thousands of rivers. Please do not attempt to download large quantities of data by scripting loops to get data from the web service. You can find documentation for the data service and a Python package which facilitates downloads and performing common analysis and plotting tasks. From the data service, you can get the following:

Retrospective river discharge data are available for bulk download from AWS S3. AWS provides instructions for downloading data from S3. See Available Data for the endpoint of the S3 bucket and the Box folder.